New Guide Shows Lawyers How to Use Evernote to Get Organized and Get Things Done

Evernote for LawyersDo you have too much information in your life? Do you spend too much time organizing to-do lists instead of getting things done? I used to be that way. Not anymore. Today, I use Evernote to organize the information in my life. I know where everything is (no more scraps of paper or piles of legal pads) and I always know exactly what I need to do. (Want to know more about Evernote? Read this.)

Evernote for Lawyers outlines a simple, step-by-step approach to using Evernote to get organized and increase your productivity. My goal with this guide is to share with you what I’ve learned so you can

(1) gain control of all of the information and paperwork in your life, and
(2) organize and prioritize your work so you get more done.

Evernote for Lawyers helps you get organized, increase your productivity, and achieve your goals.

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Attorneys everywhere are discovering Evernote, the free (and insanely amazing) application for Windows, Mac, and mobile. Some use Evernote simply to collect notes and web clips. That’s how I started. Others are using it to manage their marketing, client files, research and writing, and a lot more. One of the most powerful ways to use Evernote is for managing Tasks and Projects. Evernote’s tagging system allows me to use the Getting Things Done® methodology taught by David Allen. I’ll show this you in detail in Chapter 4.

Evernote for Lawyers is a one-of-a-kind resource just for lawyers. Here’s the table of contents:

Introduction:      How to put your practice in your pocket

Chapter 1:          Evernote® helps lawyers get organized and get things done

Chapter 2:          Getting Started

Chapter 3:          Organizing Notes and Documents

Chapter 4:          Managing Tasks and Projects–My GTD® System

Chapter 5:          Research and Writing

Chapter 6:          Managing Client Files and Documents

Chapter 7:          Working with Email and the Quest for ”Inbox Zero”

Chapter 8:          Working with Your Calendar

Chapter 9:          Time & Billing Support

Chapter 10:        Marketing and Career Development

Chapter 11:        Going Mobile

Chapter 12:        Going Paperless

Chapter 13:        Data Security

Chapter 14:        Search Made Simple

Additional Resources

DOWNLOAD IT NOW for only $9.99 Add to Cart
Pay by Paypal or credit card – Instant digital download

What people are saying. . .

Any busy lawyer who is looking for ways to get better organized and more efficient needs to read and put to use the organizational tips and tools found in “Evernote for Lawyers”. I especially enjoyed Chapter 6 entitled, “Managing Client Files and Documents”. In fact, after reading David’s book, I immediately upgraded my Evernote account to premium and begin the process of switching over to his recommended system.

I’ve known David for many years and have enjoyed implementing his programs into our busy practice. As someone who practiced law for many years, he is without question one of the top lawyer marketing experts in the business. I value his legal insight and expertise when it comes to managing and marketing our practice.

Jon Mitch “Mitch” Jackson
2009 Trial Lawyer of the Year

What I really like about David’s book is that while it’s written for lawyers, there are so many nuggets of wisdom on how to use Evernote effectively and how to be more productive and efficient in your daily life. I highly recommend the book. It’s a great read!

Daniel Gold, Esq.
Author of “Evernote: The Unofficial Guide to Capturing Everything & Getting Things Done”

Just finished your book – thank you very much. As a financial advisor I thought (for two seconds) it might not benefit me. But as we are both dealing with tasks and clients I knew I would learn a lot. I took several pages of notes and it has helped to reshape how I plan my day.

Roland Greco Scranton, PA

In 90 pages, Ward packs a ton of great ideas for managing email, clients, documents, and other resources in Evernote. While I know a lot about Evernote from a technology point of view, Ward really explains how to leverage it in a business sense. . . If you are fan of Evernote, you are going to really enjoy this book.

Stan Skrabut (see his full review)

Your book is awesome.  It makes EverNote work great and I use just about every tip you give.  I need to go re-read it though.  Keep up the good work.

Todd Whatley, Esq.

DOWNLOAD IT NOW for only $9.99 Add to Cart
Pay by Paypal or credit card – Instant digital download