About the Author

dw.vegas.2David M. Ward practiced law in southern California for more than twenty years. In 1997, he began a consulting and publishing career, helping thousands of attorneys to get more clients and increase their income.

Ward is the author of several marketing programs, including The Attorney Marketing Formula, Make the Phone Ring, andĀ The 30 Day Referral Blitz.

For more than five years, Ward wrote and published The Attorney Marketing Letter, a paid subscription newsletter. Today, he writes about marketing and productivity through his ezine, The Prosperous Lawyer, and blog.

Ward fell in love with EvernoteĀ® the first time he saw it. “I use it for everything,” he says, “writing, marketing, task management, document management, you name it. It’s my number one productivity tool.”

For additional information about Ward’s products and services, please visit The Attorney Marketing Center or email info[at]attorneymarketing[dot]com